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Prototype 2



Release Date: April 24, 2012
Developer: Activison
Publisher: Radical Entertainment
ESRB Rating: M
Platform: , ,
Genre: , , , ,




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Total Score
4/ 5

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New characters, more story line, follows the original prototype.


Without the DLC pass you can't access any of the side missions.

Bottom Line

Features a great story line that fits well with the series.

Posted June 21, 2013 by

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 ollowing the events after the first Prototype game, Sergeant James Heller is sent in as a Marine into New York Zero. Alex Mercer is Responsible for the death of James’ wife and daughter, so now Heller will take on any assignment that brings him closer to Mercer. He gets too close and becomes infected with “The Mercer Virus”, and with these new powers, he plans to kill Mercer for everything he has done.

This is a good game, especially if you liked the original. Play as a new hero, while the previous hero is depicted as the bad guy. I had a few issues with the way the characters talk. Not the language they used, but every cut scene ended rather quickly. Almost anti-climatic. He would say something along the lines of “I’ll find him,” and the music would crescendo as if the conversation would continue, but instead he would walk out the room. Very unusual in my opinion.

Prototype 2_2

The game features a great story line that fits well with the series. Other features from the previous game were included, and most of the old powers as well.  It was a challenge to level up all the perks, but once you did the game is a lot easier to continue. The controls also seemed a lot like the previous game, which in my opinion got boring midway through the game. Other than that it was a great game to play, and well worth the finish in order to see the story to the end.

Prototype 2_1

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