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Tomb Raider



Release Date: March 5, 2013
Developer: Crystal Dynamics/Eidos Montreal
Publisher: Square Enix
ESRB Rating: M for Mature
Platform: , ,




Replay Value


Total Score
4.5/ 5

User Rating
16 total ratings



+Great Storyline, Easier controls, Open World, Cast is favorable


-Multiplayer is rather dry, Limited ways of traveling other than hiking and fast travel

Bottom Line

The ultimate survivalist known as Lara Croft gets a new makeover along with a new set of skills and weapons in this revamp journey that shows where her origins really come from.

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n almost every game we play throughout the years there are always revamps or remakes of several. Some cases old developers take another crack at their previous games scraping out all the bad and ugly and hopefully improving a good game into great. In Tomb Raider, the developers have fixed problems in the previous games with Lara such as misdirectional jumping ending in falls to your death, invisible force fields forcing the player to take time consuming paths around objectives, and animals that are tough as tanks are out of the photo here. With some other movement types taken out like backflips, swan dives, and corkscrews that we loved performing might be the bad here, but of course, remember, we are talking about a reconstruct of the game. We might learn those in the next. Only time will tell.


The story begins with an FMV showing a shipwreck, flooding with Ocean Sea water and splitting into two like the Titanic with the exception of an orchestra consisting of violins and a bass player playing until their doom. The survivors including Lara swim to shore thinking they’re on a deserted only to be kidnapped by pirates or martyrs of the land. Lara eventually escapes with some cuts and bruises (a small price to pay seeing how the baddies show no remorse for slaughtering innocents) and from this point on, Lara is on her own to explore the vast old Kingdom of Yamatai and hopefully rendezvous with her friends.

Brought back from the old games are the gruesome and horrific deaths that bring us to a game over or respawn us back to a checkpoint. Deaths like falling and snapping your neck like a twig was always cliché. This time you’ll experience things like getting the life choked out of you, getting impaled by wooden spikes fighting against the river current, parachuting into the Redwoods and getting punctured by branches, getting your neck snapped by wolves, or getting mutilated by spinning propellers on an airplane. Some of us with strong stomachs laugh while others have their jaws dropped during these scenes.


The improvements in this game are lump sum as well. This time weapons are procurement on site instead of starting out with dual wield pistols. Also, weapons are fully customizable. From adding extended clips to assault rifles to prolong the suppression or padding the stock of your shotgun to reduce recoil. These are only a few possibilities just to give the idea. In addition, there’s the Bow and Arrow for silently taking down human enemies and animals. Players can choose to go in and put the “take no prisoners” phase to work or come out stealthy. By all means, whichever way works is up to you.

Something totally and extremely new is the ability to free roam. Like the before series, most were mission based and had maps already drawn out. It was like running through a maze as a mouse for the cheese. This time the player can choose to fast travel or hike and face all the dangers ahead. Aside from the main missions, they’re Tombs to be discovered. These are put into random places and you get to decide whether or not you want to take a break from the action. Something really funny in the game I laughed at is that Lara screamed “I hate Tombs” when she fell into one a second time. The Tombs are side missions and without them, don’t expect a hundred percent game completion.

As playing through the story mode the player will engage rough terrain like mountains, red wood forests, white water rapids, and rocky ocean floors. The artists and developers went for broke when scaling and drawing the scenery and visuals. They’re awe inspiring and really eye opening to look at sunrises, sunsets, and a vast horizon of limitless possibility. The voice acting is top notch and the actor for Lara’s voice brings her to life. A game not too bad on the peepers or the ears.



After you’ve completed the story, there’s also a Multiplayer option. These are Team Death match style games involving 8 individuals split into 4 on 4 teams. One side you have the scavengers and on the other you have the survivors. The point of the game is like capture and hold. Each side will have to eliminate opposing players and work together to take medical supplies to different areas on the map. Expect to dodge a lot of gunfire and explosions due to the fact that playing, I only lasted maybe 15 seconds each life I had because of the chaos but perhaps you might be better.

Change isn’t always good but in this case it’s great. With additions to the game and changes, Tomb Raider gets the gold. With exceptional and excellent controls, visuals, sound, and a really good storyline, this change is for the greater good.

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