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Kingdom Hearts



Release Date: September 17, 2002
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Disney Studio
ESRB Rating: E
Genre: ,




Replay Value


Total Score
4.5/ 5

User Rating
43 total ratings



Long hours of game play.


Childish theme can discourage some gamers.

Bottom Line

The game is long, fun to play, and is definitely one of my childhood favorites.

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 The universe of Kingdom Hearts is a collection of levels, referred to as “worlds”, through which the main character, Sora, needs to go through to progress through the game. Sora is a 14 year old boy whose world has been swallowed by “the Heartless.” Separated from his old friends, Sora will make new ones on his quest to find his old ones and restore the worlds to their former “light”

The game is long, fun to play, and is definitely one of my childhood favorites.  The epic Story is what does it for me. A boy who lost it all to some power he had no idea even existed, and is on a quest to find all his friends.

The game took a good long while to beat, and that was just the main story. There are still extras to find, and things to do, adding to hours of game play. This is the original game that started the series. Sure it had some dull main menu animations, but Square Enix heard those complaints to make the series better in the next ones that followed. The main thing that brought the gamers to this epic adventure is story and game play.

Kingdom hearts_2

The boss fights are intense. Even if you go out to grind for EXP the fights still offer a nice challenge.  Fighting the last bosses was some of the most fun i’ve ever had in a video game due to the challenge that this game offers. Overall Square Enix did a great job making this game, considering the date it was released. They produced a good challenging game, with an awesome story, that even your kids could play along. Over all an amazing game!

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