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PlayStation 4 News


Release Date: Holiday 2013
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc

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With the holiday’s coming around the corner and so much anticipation for our next-gen consoles, we had to take a breather, sit down, and take a further look at Sony’s new PlayStation 4!!

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he next era of next gen console gaming is almost here. Sony recently announced the upcoming super console as the PlayStation 4. We all sat around our PC’s and streamed the conference live on February 18, 2013. Sony unveiled what the controller is going to look like along with specifications the console will have. For instance, the new DUALSHOCK 4 controller will had a new touchpad, improved grip, a headphone jack, a share button, and a light bar that will help distinguish friendly players from enemies. Sony also added that they are trying to find different and new ways we consumers and players will play.

Developers are trying to combat the idea of gaming platforms being solely single purpose devices.

 With an all new informed system with architecture such as a supercharged pc, an X86 GPU, an enhanced PC GPU, and unified memory measuring up to 8GB, it should be more than enough  to keep developers happy and thinking. With so much social networking like FaceBook, Skype, and Twitter, gamers will have a chance to easily befriend people on the PlayStation 4 via it’s brand new integrated profile features. Players will even be able to stream a live camera feed, swap photos, and share recorded gameplay footage with fellow gamers with a push of a button.

The DualShock 4

When the Sony PlayStation 3 came out, the company introduced the Dual Shock 3 which had a SIX-AXXIS functionality. The SIX-AXXIS was a really great idea but at the time not all games supported it at that time. The sensitivity was overwhelming and most games that did support it were numerous racing genre.   controller-6_Large

Notice how the grip looks highly improved, also the left and right analog sticks have had a makeover. They’re small craters in each of the analog sticks, this will highly increase the comfort and efficiency. No more empty space in the middle where the text SONY sits. Instead it has been modified with a touchpad and below it, a speaker.

The Light Bar

By utilizing and combining two different elements like SONY’s SIX-AXXIS controller and MOVE’s wands, interactivity in games will be both different and creative.  controller-1_Largeps4

This light bar on the upper-bottom of the DualShock 4 will function like PlayStation’s Move. The led light will change different colors from white, blue, red, and purple by performing different actions or just to symbolize friendly or foe in Multiplayer matches.

The PS4 Eye

These are a few photos of the new PlayStation Camera. The peripheral contains two highly sensitive cameras that will work together uniquely and recognize space with 85-degree wide angle lenses. So the worry of, “Am I in the camera’s sight or range?” is officially over.


Specifications of the PlayStation 4

It is confirmed from information at SONY that our new console will be that of a super PC. The hardware specs are phenomenal. Explaining that a million objects would be able to occupy a screen all at once without the issue of lagging or Frame Per Second slowdown. We got to glance at some of the graphics that the new PS4 will support watching the SONY conference and to tell you they look incredibly breath taking. We left a little eye opener for you here because provided is a link of the monstrous hardware specifications of the new PlayStation 4. playstation4_specification

There is no information yet of backwards compatibility for the PlayStation 4. Like it’s predecessor the PS3, which was able to play games from it’s predecessor, but later had bugs, errors, and premature failure of the system as the result. Sony might steer clear from their past mistakes and avoid all backwards compability.

Technology is advancing so rapidly and because of this our consoles will have deeper and more deeper interactivity and connectivity throughout the ages. No more of it just putting in your cartridge or DVD and playing the game. People however will still be able to, but where’s the fun in that. Except for the items below, we all at Champion of Video Games wonder what else might be getting with the system.


  • DualShock 4 SIX-AXXIS controller with modifications such as a built in speaker, new touchpad, and light bar
  • Highly sensitive peripherals like the dual camera accessory that will recognize depth perception
  • Hardware specifications of Alienware like gaming PC’s

Where are the concepts of what the system itself will look like?

The fact is SONY might still be in the prototype stages or not. There are several sources like YouTube and others that will show what the console will look like but might be hoaxes. We have seen numerous photos of different systems with Jumanji like black spheres in the middle probably containing LEDs or text. Until SONY does release what our next-gen console will look like, us gamers will have to hold our horses and wait.

Sony might steer clear from their past mistakes and avoid all backwards compability.

Aside from the console, we had a look of the lineup at games the PS4 will support. Some of these titles are: InFamous Second Son, KillZone Shawdow Fall, Watch Dogs, and Destiny.  We don’t know for sure if all will be released when the system launches but the past tells us again we might only have a few titles. When it comes to a situation like this, all we can do is be patient and hope for the best.


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