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Release Date: To Be Announced
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform: , ,

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Bust out those balaclavas, your baseball cap, and charge those cell phones because Watch_Dogs will be in fact a whole another experience in the gaming world.

Posted March 26, 2013 by

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The new era of Next-Gen consoles will bring us Watch_Dogs, a brand new Stealth Action Adventure game by Ubisoft. Ubisoft has brought us brands like the legendary Assassins Creed, the diverse Far Cry, and the adrenaline fueled racing series known as Driver. When it comes to making video games, this company is evidently an all around genius we gamers enjoy. This time, Ubisoft will bring us something new to the table. When we got to glance at Watch_Dogs at E3 2012 which looks like a futuristic open world Assassins Creed styled experience with awesome features, our eyes widened. But don’t worry, you can leave your hookblade, the hidden blade, and all that heavy armor at home because in this chapter the player’s most ultimate weapon will be that of a

You assume the role as Aiden Pearce, an extraordinary hacker residing in modern day Chicago, Illinois. The demo at E3 2012 shows a trench coat wearing, balaclava face masked individual walking through the citizen congested streets of Chicago. Our hero is armed with nothing but a smartphone as we see him passing each bystander and looking up their profile information on the screen. Aiden walks a couple of blocks and stops in front of a Art Gallery Club probably based on a hunch that a probable millionaire mogul who happens to be high valuable target will be inside. He looks around and sees a problem. There’s a bouncer outside the doors. Our guy must’ve left his admission at home. Also, there’s a fat chance his name is on the list. What to do. Then when we least expect it a bouncer gets a call. He answers the call and Aiden sees this as an opportunity. Watch-Dogs-ScreenshotWe see the hero use a hacking technique by jamming communications. In the stir, the bouncer loses signal, then walks forward away from his post and the search for a better stable connection happens. We then slip past the bouncer, walk deeper into the club, walk past the bar,(Awwwww man) and meet with our friendly informant who scolds you for being a little late. Our friend even tells our hero that the mogul who is a Joseph DeMarco is not even inside the club. As we try to exit, we get an idea of trying to find an associate of DeMarco’s. The associate calls DeMarco, tells him of Aiden’s presence, and as she’s talking to him we’re listening in via audio stream on our phone. DeMarco then notifies his associate he’s on the way and then our little frenzy happens. Before we can get to the exit however, we are attacked by a guard but come out on top with the help of our neat little retractable baton. With the club on high alert and sounds of reinforcements coming, it’s time to bust out a fire arm. Wits aren’t always going to get us out of jams and that’s why we use a different form of peacemaker. We’ll hack into the street lights, cause a huge pileout, endangering not only the hostiles arriving but innocent drivers as well. The firefight starts, we kill a few baddies from under cover, murder the millionaire in cold blood for suspected reasons, and flee in a red sports car. This is where it ends before the audience gets to experience more.



No doubt from a demo like this the audience was thrilled and exhilarated. Watch_Dogs will grab the attention of all with it’s great looking visuals and free roam capability. This actually looks like a game if you were able to combine the elements of Grand Theft Auto and Assassins Creed to make a hybrid. Other than what we see in the demo, gameplay will focus on informational style warfare and the ability to be stealthy or loud. There is a Multiplayer mode Ubisoft concluded to be included other than the Single Player but yet very little information results.  Aside from controlling street lights, stopping subway trains, jamming communications, looking at brief profile information of would be threats or civilians, and stealing bank data, there is so much more we’ll be able to access. Watch_Dogs will deliver everything we’d want in a game

from park-our to running and gunning. The players will just have to wait and see what’s really in store for them when Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs makes it debut.


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