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Bioshock Infinite



Release Date: March 26, 2013
Developer: Irrational Games
Publisher: 2K Games
ESRB Rating: M for Mature
Platform: , ,
Genre: , ,




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5/ 5

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+Great game completely flawless


-None other than No Multiplayer

Bottom Line

Winner of over 75 different awards from its plot, visuals. and comparison to the original Bioshock at E3 2011, Bioshock Infinite is so SICK I am awarding it Platinum!

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hat’s better than roaming and fighting through underwater scary facilities with psychos and creepos lurking in every corner? How about fighting in the sky suspended city of Columbia instead? In this Bioshock chapter, we play as the main protagonist Booker DeWitt. A former Pinkerton agent who gets himself into a bind and is forced to explore the floating city of Columbia to find a young woman. The era of this futuristic old school  game takes place back in the 1910′s when segregation was still at it’s highest. Booker first starts off on a boat battling rough tides and a thunderstorm with a couple accomplices. As we find our destination which happens to be a lighthouse, we’re left there to investigate and find out why the reason we’re there in the first place. In the lighthouse, there’s clearly evidence of foul play and a struggle seeing how there are displays of blood and knocked over furniture all over.bioshock_infinite_007 It’s an eerie site but you have no choice but to progress or advance. Booker cautiously ascends to the top of the structure to find a mysterious chair that eventually takes him into the sky city above and ends up in a flooded cathedral filled with holy water along with religious nuts who follow a prophet. From this point on there are different choices to make as this game lets the player decide the scenario. I was lead to raffle fair of some sort when I took the game a run and ended up in a crowd holding baseballs. One of the female hosts there gave me permission to draw  a numbered baseball out of a basket which the announcer called and I was left with a decision whether to throw the ball at an interracial couple standing on stage or instead chunk it at the disgraceful announcer. It was a very disturbing ordeal but like in all games, I usually come out on top as the hero and I made the choice to toss it at the announcer instead.


However, with society outnumbering you and the outcasts, the decision that I thought was noble ended up costing me my health as I became in a struggle with law enforcement and officials.

This perfect city easily becomes flawed.

I couldn’t tell you what the other other outcome would’ve been because as soon as I made that risky choice all the action started. Now in Bioshock Infinite, much like it’s predecessors, the protagonist is always armed and uses tele-kinetic abilities to equalize the war against its foes but in this case we won’t be costuming in a big daddy suit. Instead, we will be combating tweaked out versions of them often referred as Tin Mans or Fireman. Now these enemies are very brutal and almost invincible so I’d advise to be well armed and in good health. Other than these strong soldiers, the law enforcement and the army are to be dodged or engaged when playing through the game. The loadouts for the weapons are very impressive and look exactly like what firearms looked like back then. You are first supplied with a Chinese style mouser pistol but you can further your loadout by picking up weapons soldiers drop. Weapons like shotguns, an assault rifle that looks like a Type 100, and the slow but powerful gattling guns are to be acquired as well. Now if you do run out of ammo just remember the phrase “When in doubt, whip it out.” I’m actually talking about your hands. Your left hand can shred or knock enemies out with the skyhook you obtain from a guard or access Vigors. The Vigors here can be learned by drinking different potions you come across in Columbia. There are a variety of potions to find in Columbia as some will grant you the ability to electrocute enemies, turn enemy sentry guns friendly, and launch devastating flesh eating crows at victims. Aside from all the combat, you’ll often get help from


Elizabeth as she will throw you weapons with ammo, money to purchase upgrades, and use something totally new in Bioshock, Elizabeth has the ability to open up the molecular infrastructure of the world. She does this by opening tears which are rips to another place past or present. It comes very handy when she can rip open windows that reveal health kits, ammo, and sentries you can use against enemy reinforcements. Other elements that make the game extremely exciting is the skyhook function. The city of Columbia is connected with rails which look like for a subway. These rails’ purpose are for transporting supplies in carriages throughout Columbia. But who says they are strictly for that. Using the skyhook you can ride or easily transfer to get to places Booker needs to be. Riding the rails can be also voluntarily because it shows the games gorgeous view of the city and all. skylinemelee_ONLINE

Bioshock Infinite has everything a game needs to have in order to be Legendary. Graphics are gorgeous and let’s players sight see to take a break from the game. The rails can be rode for hours if that’s really your thing. I was really impressed with the storyline and sound. With a rich and beautiful city in the sky, a likeable protagonist like Booker Dewitt, and the ability to try new and different strategies, Bioshock Infinite is a must have game! It’s no wonder why Champion of Games award it the Platinum!!

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