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Deus Ex Human Revolution



Release Date: March 2011
Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
ESRB Rating: M
Platform: , ,
Genre: , , , ,




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4.5/ 5

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The game had a little bit of everything for every player. If you are stealthy you can be stealthy, if you are a headstrong shooter, you can try that too.


The real story was actually pretty short. It was fun, but i beat it pretty quickly

Bottom Line

The game with a little bit of everything – Deus Ex Human Revolution.

Posted June 23, 2013 by

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This is the story about a leader of a huge security firm called Sarif industries whose company designs “Augmentations.” Sarif industries was attacked and its leader Adam Jensen is forced to be “Augmented’ in order to live. Six months later, and ready to get back to work, Adam ends up being sent across the world to discover who the attackers were, and what exactly they were after. However, Adam ends up getting involved in a global conspiracy in order to discover the truth behind the attack.

Overall I will say the gameplay was very good, but a tab bit short. If you don’t do all of the side quests and learn the back story, or unlock more mods and power-ups for your weapons, you can beat the story in a day or 2. The graphics are astounding. It was, and still is available for all platforms.

The awesome thing about this game is there is a little bit of everything available for all types of gamers. In most games I play as a “shoot first ask questions later” kind of person, and the game was sort of fit for this style of play. However there are achievements that make you have to change your game type, and by that I mean you might have to be stealthy instead of hasty. The “Pacifist” achievement is unlocked if you complete the entire game by only stunning, except bosses, hostiles. The “Foxiest of the Hounds” achievement is unlocked by not triggering an alarm the entire game. The game offers both a FPS style, and a role playing aspect. Overall, a great game.


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