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Farcry 3



Release Date: U.S. - December 4th 2012
Developer: Ubisoft Montrael, with help from Ubisoft Massive, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Reflections and Ubisoft Red Storm
Publisher: Ubisoft
ESRB Rating: M
Platform: , ,
Genre: ,




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5/ 5

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Bottom Line

Far Cry 3 is probably the most fun, exciting, challenging and downright awesome open world shooter game I’ve played. If you are a fan of open world shooter games like Just Cause 2 then you will be in love with Far Cry 3, it’s like a new Just Cause 2 on steroids.

Far Cry 3 is set on the stage of a beautiful island that provides for excellent vibrant visuals, completely interactive settings and free roaming wild animals. The game is wonderfully scored with musical selections that enhance whatever sequence is happening in the game. A prime example of this is during a mission to destroy drug fields, a beautiful island song by Skrillex feat. Damian Marley called “Make It Bun Dem” plays in the background, which ties right into what’s going on in the game.

This game infuses the right amount of alchemy, hunting for crafting gear, weapon enhancements, stealth/assassin abilities, shooting and hand to hand combat. With the choices of free range roaming and flower gathering to learn and craft new recipes for medicines and drug enhancements, hunting and collecting animal pelts to be able to craft high capacity pouches and other gear, capturing all the enemy base camps and flying your flag which unlocks new weapons and fast travel locations, or go directly into combat with the missions of the storyline.

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Game Difficulty:

This game masters the right amount of skill along with patience no matter what you are doing. If hunting to craft new gear be careful to use your best stealth positioning because these are true wild animals and their attacks are mean and fast. The fact that you can’t just run up on a herd and attack is awesome. These true-to-life effects make playing this game JUST THAT much more awesome.

Keeping in tune with the true-to-life effects of the game, similarly you cannot just run into a fort or group of armed men. You will die, no questions asked. You have to strategize, you can do things like throw rocks, release caged wild animals, because fires or other distractions to draw guards away and then kill them off.

With the many amounts of weapons and weapon augmentations that are unlocked during game play. There are infinite numbers of ways to kill the armed guards of the island. Including detonators, proximity mines, hand grenades, sniper rifles, machine guns, knives, …. I mean if you name it I’m sure the game possesses it. And not to mention the hand-to-hand combat which is nothing short of perfection, as you sneak up on enemies, take their guns or knives and target other enemies after you’ve killed your original target.

Part of what makes this game more difficult alongside the true-to-life injuries from animal wounds or from getting shot or stabbed, thought the initial wounds are true to life, you do maintain a self-healing component that allows you once injured to run and hide and allow your health to regenerate. Far Cry 3 creates a situation where though there are auto save functions, they don’t work for everything you do. For instance, if you hunt an animal and then use its pelt to craft a larger carrying pouch for ammunitions, and before you head to a town to your save location you decide to go and liberate an enemy fort. Well if you die before you liberate that fort you WILL LOSE the item that you crafted because the game has not yet been saved and/or you haven’t done anything in the storyline, like liberate a front, power up a downed power station or continue with the actual story missions (all of which cause the game to automatically save).

The graphics of this game are incredible and along with the wonderful controller layout and function ability make the game visually awing. And the best part is you don’t lose ease in controller function because of the high octane graphics like you do in some games.

There are no control issues with this game, I was quite pleased with controller layout and function ability as well as on-screen response to quick controller movements, running, hiding and committing assassin/stealth tactics.

With plenty of missions, side missions, story line, crafting, hunting and even DLC. This game is well worth whatever money you plan to spend on it. This game is a non-stop ride full of action and adventure and by all means is up there in the running for best game of 2012….. at least in my book!


Storyline: (Warning – Spoilers)

The basic storyline is that the Antagonist Jason Brody and his group of friends go vacationing in a remote island and wind up kidnapped, and beaten. Upon initial escape from the captures (who are island drug-runners, and pirates, using the island as a hub for illegal activities, led by a man named Vaas) your brother gets shot and u barely escape with your life. A man named Dennis, from a tribal group of islanders, the Rakyats, begins to help you find your friends and feed you valuable information about the island and nature of your enemies.  The Rakyats are rebelling against the drug traffickers and further aid you after initially recruiting you. The Goddess Citra (who happens to be Vaas sister and leader of the Rakyats) takes a special intimate interest in Brody. Your mission begins as one of rescuing your friends and escaping the island, but then changes to revenge. Brody basically becomes the war hero for the Rakyats and personal lover of Citra. You also discover that Vaas is just the muscle of the pirates the man actually controlling Vaas, Hoyt is who runs the island and controls the international drug flow, and of course after Vaas is dead becomes your main target.  Now once you have dealt with Hoyt and rescued your friends you have a decision to make. How to end your game. You can choose either between staying with Citra on the Island or leaving and returning to your old life with your friends, either decision chosen will have everlasting effects on those you love, so choose carefully!!

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