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Gears of War Judgment



Release Date: March 19, 2013
Developer: Epic Games/People Can Fly
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
ESRB Rating: M for Mature
Platform: ,
Genre: , , , ,




Replay Value


Total Score
4.5/ 5

User Rating
70 total ratings



+Random Enemy Spawn during Playbacks that keep battles fresh and different, New controls make weapon changing and actions near flawless


-Weak Boss Fight, Feels kinda like DLC instead of a New game , Ally AI is still dumb and frustrating

Bottom Line

Get ready to queue up with Baird and Kilo Squad in a brand new epic chapter as we fight the massive and deadly Locust army in the human war for survival.

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GearsofWarJudgment courtroom

“You can’t handle the truth!!!!!!”


ev up your chain sawed Lancers and reload those Gnashers because Gears of War Judgment yet again puts gamers back at the edge of their seats. Epic and People Can Fly both did an excellent job prolonging our beloved story of the rag tag team of the COG fighting to prevent human instinction against the persistent Locust army. This time we see ourselves as Kilo Squad at the days before Marcus and Dom battle General RAAM on the express train and events thereafter. So hang up that bandanna and leave that photo of Maria behind because you’re not going to need it this time. We first start off as the squad which consists of Lieutenant Damon Baird, Private Augustus Cole, Private Garron Paduk, and Cadet Sophia Hendricks handcuffed and arrested standing before Colonel Loomis in a courtroom. Loomis is a COG colonel so tight and by the book that he even takes his sweet time to find our heroes and make them stand trial for their actions.

As we watch the FMV, we are then spawned into each individual as we listen and play through their testimonials. When we walk through as each character we have the option of playing the storyline as is or accessing the new Declassified missions to make the story more interesting. It does rather excite the story because the Declassified missions (accessed by approaching glowing red Locust insignias and pressing X) exist of handicaps that make Judgment more challenging. An example, as I was playing as Baird, was to destroy 10 batches of Serapede eggs and failure would result in fighting numerous amounts of the electrified wormlike creature because of the respawn factor. If you happen to finish Judgment’s campaign way too early, there’s an unlockable Aftermath campaign which takes place during Gears of War 3 when the team is trying to locate Azura. Both the Declassified missions and the unlockable campaign Aftermath make the game interesting but what I was really impressed with were the controls and new weapon load outs as well. There’s a new control scheme in Judgment that makes it more smooth, sleek, and effective. Because of this, the ugly stiffness of the DPAD is almost eliminated. Controls like the ability to toss grenades with the LB button or switch weapons with the Y button are fast and effective. The TAC/COM feature (which is for viewing objectives and the position of friendlies) is used now by holding DOWN on the DPAD. Weapons like the new Booshka (a high powered grenade launcher), Markza (a fast semi-automatic sniper rifle with scope), and Breachshot (a strong bolt-action rifle with a blade on the bottom of it for slicing enemies) make an impact and introduction in the game.

"Whatever comes out of these gates, we've got a better chance of survival if we work together. Do you understand? If we stay together we survive."

“Whatever comes out of these gates, we’ve got a better chance of survival if we work together. Do you understand? If we stay together we survive.”

Aside from the Campaign there’s also a new Overrun mode. We remember playing Beast in Gears of War 3 and thought what it would be like to engage in an objective based match involving the COG and the Locust. Well, now it’s possible in Overrun mode. Two teams take turns to destroy objectives as the Locust or defend them as the COG. An objective would be like to defend an E-Hole cover from being reopened as the COG while the Locust desperately try to destroy it and kill everything in their path. The Cog, like in Horde, have the ability to set up fortifications and take higher ground while the Locusts use a different tactic and use brute force and destruction to get their way. Overrun utilizes a new system in Gears letting the player choose a certain skill load out in the COG like Engineers, Scouts, Soldiers, and Medics. The Engineers can use and deploy automatic sentries and repair damaged fortifications while Soldiers set out ammo for themselves and allies. Scouts access sniping positions and reveal and tag enemy locations with the new Spot grenades. Last but not least, the Medic heals and revives down allies including themselves with new Stim Gas grenades. Our load out of Locust enemies in this mode range from the small but effective ticker, to Elite Maulers with spinning shields, new Rager Locusts that start off with a Breachshot and can transform into doomsday like creatures being only vulnerable to the head, and more.

"Ok..ok.. I'm sorry I asked you out.. jeez!"

“Ok..ok.. I’m sorry I asked you out.. jeez!”



And finally we come to the Multiplayer. In past and previous games this had a solid foundation and made somewhat of what Gears is today.

The wall bouncing and chainsaw battles are back

The wall bouncing and chainsaw battles are back and never leaving and with the new control scheme makes gameplay like lightning. Versus mode is redefined and player control is off the charts. Returning weapons like the Gnasty Gnasher make kills a piece of cake if you are experienced enough. The Sawed Off made a great improvement because now it’s possible to fire two consecutively shots before having to reload. Armor and Multiplayer skins can be acquired and set in the new Character Setup option by completing Declassified missions and earning stars depending on which difficulty is set. King of the Hill has been swapped with Call of Duty’s style Domination in which this time three rings have to be captured and held. If I can sum up the whole Multiplayer experience by using only one word it would be INTENSE.

Leave out the welcome mats because Gears of War Judgment comes into homes and stays. With all new game modes like Overrun, Declassified Missions, and an amped up Multiplayer and control scheme, Gears yet again makes a devastating impact on the Microsoft Xbox 360. There’s a reason why Gears is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and this says it!


Easy Kills: In Multiplayer, equip the stim grenade and toss it near you when engaging the enemy. It will work as deployable cover by healing you if your character takes damage.

Overrun Mode in Campaign: Immediately place the sentries near hostiles’ entry points. Try using the Gnasher sentry close to the enemy spawn places. Works every time.  


Become a Wallbouncing Pro: At the options menu, change the controller scheme to Alternate where (X) is to roadie run and roll and (A) is to mantle and cover. Try taking cover from wall to wall and practice. 

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