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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

The-walking-dead-survival-instinct (1)
The-walking-dead-survival-instinct (1)
The-walking-dead-survival-instinct (1)


Release Date: March 19, 2013
Developer: Terminal Reality
Publisher: Activision
ESRB Rating: M for Mature
Platform: , , ,
Genre: , , ,




Replay Value


Total Score
2/ 5

User Rating
48 total ratings



+Interesting prequel to the show, Get to be the bad assed Daryl Dixon


-One and done style game, Gameplay is amazingly Hard, No option for difficulty change

Bottom Line

The best psychological thriller on AMC known as The Walking Dead gets put in a video game but these events occur with Daryl and Merle Dixon before meeting up with Shane and the bunch.

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s an excited and avid watcher of the series known as The Walking Dead, every show that airs I’m left in suspense afterwards and I anticipate next weeks addition. TWD is something fans really can’t just get enough of. But when the series itself can turn into a video game and puts us as the role of one of the survivors it’s something we really can’t pass up. Now, we seen how the past repeats itself numerous times on how games can’t be turned into movies and movies can’t be turned into games. It just doesn’t work that way. Mortal Kombat failed, The Bourne Conspiracy murdered it, and Resident Evil is still bombing it to this date. However, seeing movies or certain series turned into games, as cherished followers we still give them a chance.

So, we head our way into The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct developed by Terminal Reality.It’s a very interesting idea and concept to a survival horror game.


TWD: Survival Instinct events take place although before Daryl Dixon joins the survivor camp that includes Shane Walsh and Lori Grimes. This prequel instead tells us the story of Daryl and Merle Dixon before meeting up with the bunch just right out of Atlanta. The player gets put in the role of Daryl Dixon, a strong-willed, resilient, combat savvy, and expert tracker individual in search of his blood brother Merle. The game starts off as Daryl, his uncle Jess, and Will Dixon, Daryl’s father, himself hunting in the woods for deer until their little relaxation activity gets interrupted by strange noises in the woods like snarls, growls, and leaves rustling. Investigating whats going on, Daryl’s father goes deeper into the woods, finds a horde of walkers, and eventually meets his fate. Daryl and Jess hear the screams of Will and rush to his aid but like every other character in this cruel world that gets bit by walkers suffer a horrible death and become reborn as a walking corpse. Seeing his father suffering, Daryl hesitates to put his own father down due to being shocked and lost, but is beat by his uncle Jess as he ends Will’s life instead by apologizing and shooting a bullet in his skull. Sadly this trio becomes a duo a little bit prematurely in this game. But it doesn’t stop here. As Daryl the player will be on his own from here on out having only the company of his surviving uncle Jess. Your main objective will be listen to radio broadcasts and discovering hideouts and survivor campsites through the country. In the midst, the player will decide to take highway roads or backstreets depending on the situation. Taking highway roads jeopardizes the condition of the vehicle and costs more fuel consumption because it can breakdown and strand you to fend for yourselves against the horde, while taking small back streets gives you the chance to stop often for supplies. In these various exercises on what you choose, you’re allowed to keep on trucking or stop to fill up and search for supplies such as fuel, food, and ammo. You’ll also run into survivors with certain strengths and weaknesses. Daryl can decide whether to take them and add them to the group or leave them be. The benefit here is that you’ll be able to send them on errands to help you scout for supplies while you do your own thing. Some of these survivors will ask you first to trade certain items like batteries or food before they’ll join the party. An example would be to scout and find food for a certain someone and the trade would be for a few gallons of gasoline.  The missions are voluntarily and do not have to be completed to progress through the game. The-Walking-Dead-Survival-Instinct1

To defend yourself from hordes the plethora of weapons to find can range from blunt objects like hammers and pipes, stabbing and hacking like daggers and machetes, and firearms like guns and the legendary crossbow. When dealing with biters and eaters, being stealthy and quiet is going to be the players best bet. Killing with melee weapons decreases the odds of being detected while firing guns attract too much attention just like in the series.

The ability to be able to sneak behind a zombie and stab it’s skull proves useful in this game

because melee weapons are indestructible. Shooting can be quick and deadly but ammo is too scarce and attracts too many walkers. You’ll decide what is necessary to get the job done. Be warned though, when you have a group of walkers chasing you at one time it gets very difficult to kill one at a time with melee attacks. But when you pull out that firearm you’ll attract more and more and then the never ending battle begins. If a walker gets to close, the game changes phase and goes into a mini game showing the zombie at point blank trying to bite you while your defending yourself with a knife going for that head stab. The game gets extremely repetitive as well. Find supplies, run from walkers, recruit survivors, rinse and repeat. Aside from all the running and looking, the story gets dry fast. The sound gets annoying after a few encounters with zombies and the music is that same violin main theme from the series over and over again. Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker do play their character voices in this game but the dialogue has no drama. It seems like someone is holding a gun to their heads and forcing them to read a script. The controls are way too stiff and takes alot of getting used to. The weapon menu has no shortcut and the button needs to be pressed numerous of times to select the preferred. There’s no Multiplayer option and after you complete the game the replay value for another run around is less likely.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct was a great idea but the game comes up too short of the finish line and gets the Bronze. The interesting factor here is that it’s a prequel and being Season 0 informs us about the events in Daryl’s eyes. As an excited follower I couldn’t pass it up. So before you make decisions, rent it or borrow a copy. Whatever your decision stands, save those bullets for the walkers, not the game.

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